One February Friday…

One February Friday…


In this 30th anniversary year of ZTT Records, there has been a raft of activity that seems to be getting more frenetic with each passing month. This week saw the release of three 2 disc sets, The Organisation of Pop, The Art of the 12″ Vol.3 and Frankie Said Deluxe Edition, as well as a limited 12″ vinyl release of Relax, featuring a mix never before released on record.

Record stores have big #ZTT30 displays, magazines are carrying numerous articles and Trevor Horn has received an award for outstanding contribution to UK music from the Music Producers Guild.

Naturally, this makes me feel all nostalgic. And on Monday, I was asked by fellow music blogger, Paul Sinclair, who runs the Super Deluxe Edition site, to write a guest post on this very subject. Naturally, when someone offers me a platform to talk bollocks for a bit, I grab it with both hands! And today, it is published for your delectation.

More an essay than a blog post, it is a stream of consciousness on how I encountered and fell in love with ZTT Records and their artist roster. I admit that it rambles on a bit, but hopefully it’s an entertaining read.

Big thanks to Paul for the invite and to Kevin Foakes aka Strictly Kev aka DJ Food, who runs the marvellous Art of ZTT site, for the images contained in the post. Who knows, this might (or might not) lead to a commission for a piece in the wonderful Classic Pop magazine.

Whaddya say, Ian?? ;)

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