Babes that play synths Pt.7

Babes that play synths Pt.7

Sent my way via my good friend and fellow Fusion enthusiast, Rod Mitchell, and also seen on Matrixsynth, here we have Au Revoir Simone, an all female synth 3 piece from Brooklyn, New York.

Their press release states:

If you look in the right places, it’s very possible to find beauty in between the criss-crossed wires of the scientific world. Settled between the 0 and the 1 of a binary code, crackling like static on top of an electrical current, there are always moments that shine like shards of elegant noises peeking through a metallic conductor. It’s technology, but no one ever said it couldn’t be emotional. Brooklyn’s Au Revoir Simone – Heather D’Angelo, Erika Forster and Annie Hart – are specialists in bringing out the heart from within the machine, conjuring a gorgeous, child-like effervescence via pieces of plastic, metal and wires. And while their music is created through the medium of electronics, their songs resonate with an organic warmth that defies their instruments of choice: three keyboards and a drum machine.

That’s right. Three keyboards and a drum machine.

And the reviewers say:

“A collision between the Waitresses, Stereolab and Kings of Convenience, their
music has power from what it holds back rather than spells out, and is just
waiting to be fallen in love with (or to).” — The London Times

“…always simple, elegant, and ethereal…” –

“Eschewing the typical guitar-heavy band set-up for old-school synthesizers and
vintage drum machines, [Au Revoir Simone] create dreamy synth-pop. Their
soft ethereal vocals laid over spare homemade drumbeats are reminiscent of Air
and Stereolab.” – British Vogue

And Failed Muso says, these are babes that play synths and should be worshipped as such ! ;o)

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