Frankie Say… HOW MUCH???

Frankie Say… HOW MUCH???

Spied online yesterday, selling for £93.25 each, these classic, original T shirts….

Frankie Say Arm The Unemployed

Frankie Say War! Hide Yourself

Frankie Say Relax Don't Do It!

I had the “War! Hide Yourself” version back in the day and for the life of me can’t find it, not that it would fit me today 🙁

There are so many cheap and badly made/designed rip offs available nowadays but nothing like these originals. I was hoping that ZTT might have seen the marketing opportunity when they released the Frankie Say Greatest “best of” last year, or even the 25th Anniversary Edition of “Welcome To The Pleasuredome” but alas not 🙁

Ho hum…

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