Hollow Sun releases 3 new libraries for Kontakt

Hollow Sun releases 3 new libraries for Kontakt

So, pretty much completing the conversion of the Hollow Sun library to the new, scripted Kontakt format, Steve has now released the Oberheim M1000, Korg M/01 and Yamaha FS1R libraries.

These are not straight forward bulk conversions, as Steve explains….

The Oberheim Matrix 1000, the M/01 Collection and the FS1R Collection have now been converted to Kontakt.

But these are not simple batch conversions – each sound has been individually re-worked using the custom scripted panel to enhance these amazing sounds further. The panel offers fixed formant filters for extensive tonal control, an ADSR amp envelope and a multi-FX section comprising phase shifter, chorus, delay and reverb.

The Matrix 1000 library features raw analogue synth sounds with the Oberheim heritage while the M/01 Collection features classic S+S from the originals. The FS1R Collection features over 150 sounds from this cult module from classic FM to more striking, modern textures

Now, I’ve been around the Hollow Sun library for nigh on eight years and know these samples VERY well. And I can tell you that these new versions are probably the best I’ve ever heard these samples sound. Steve’s use of Kontakt’s engine and it’s scripting ability means that each one of these libraries are an aural and visual feast. And you get a lot of sounds for the measly $25 asked of by Mr Howell.

Got Kontakt? Got a passion for classic synthesis? Get these libraries.

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