Ian Stanley’s Beard Scratchings

Ian Stanley’s Beard Scratchings

Apologies for the title, especially to Ian, if by some chance he is following the progress of my restoration of his old Fairlight, but all is explained in the video below, which I shot the other day as I began work on restoring the music keyboard of the Series III CMI that I have here.

Aside from the aforementioned hairiness, the intoxicating smell of electronic components mixed with years of flight case storage is still a heady blend and still permeates the studio as I type this.

Hopefully, in collaboration with Peter, we will begin to make progress on getting this most iconic of keyboard controllers up and running again. It just doesn’t seem right, playing a Fairlight via a modern MIDI controller.

Anyway, enjoy the video. More to follow soon…

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  • Cris Blyth says:

    I tell ya, I totally agree about it “just not being cricket” to be playing one with a normal midi controller. Indeed, I’m looking forward for when my CMI keyboard meets my CMI series 3…..

    Nice video ! keep ’em coming.


  • Leah says:

    Yes, please keep us updated…

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