I’m Still Here…

I’m Still Here…

As is customary over the years, I occasionally “go dark” when it comes to this blog, much to my eternal shame. It is, however, never without good reason. I’ve just recently moved house, a massive upheaval as many of you will know, and I am now settling in nicely.

I’ve also been flat out with the day job that pays the bills so I can afford the aforementioned new abode.

For my absence, I sincerely apologise and hope that you still pop back every now and again to check this place out.

I am hoping to get my blogging boots back on soon, especially as there is the very real prospect of me giving a temporary home to a Fairlight CMI Series IIx very soon, to keep the SIII company. Restoration work on the SIII will recommence soon too.

I’ve started do radio again. You can check my live show out, every Friday night from 9pm UK time, over at http://mixlr.com/radio-pure-gently along with some other great shows.

In other news, I’ve rediscovered my passion for vinyl and cassettes and have been busy acquiring lots of pieces, especially the elements of the ZTT catalogue I had been missing over the years. I’m having LOTS of fun!

Anyway, to cheer you up and make up for my absence, I’d like to share a video released by Razor and Tie Music in the U.S. They are ZTT’s North American distribution partner and as part of Record Store Day 2014 will be releasing a very special (and limited) box set called The Re-Organisation of Pop. It contains 10x 7″ vinyl singles, some of which feature never before released material. It will cost $80 and there will be 1000 copies. Sadly, it’s U.S. only which means I am unlikely to ever see a copy 🙁


Well, here is two thirds of ZTT’s founders discussing those early days…

It is also worth mentioning that the third founding member, Trevor’s wife Jill Sinclair, sadly passed away a couple of weeks ago. It is in her honour and memory that I post this.

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