Mackie C4 Commander

Mackie C4 Commander

Ok, every now and again, something crops up in the music making world that makes you stop and start pinching yourself. Sometimes it’s because it’s so gob smackingly brilliant and sometimes it’s because we’re so unbelievably jaded and cynical that we can’t believe it’s true.

I had one of these moments this morning when I was informed of a piece of software that Mackie, mixing desk and controller legends, were seemingly giving away for free !

Now, I’m the world’s number one fan of free stuff, but this seemed to be just too good to be true, and if it seems to good to be true, it usually is.

I remember a little while back, Mackie gave away Traktion 1 for free for a limited time and I was just as cynical then as I was this morning, until I downloaded it, registered it and started using it !

Anyway, this morning I was presented with the C4 Commander software and I thought that it was merely a software controller to be exclusively used with the Mackie C4 hardware interface controller. Well, when I eventually got home from work, I tried it out, fully expecting it to tell me that I needed the C4 hardware to do anything with it, but no….

Seriously !!!

This is a free MIDI device controller in software with over 180 instrument definition files, all waiting for you to create your own layouts and begging you to share them. The cynic in me still sees this as a great way for Mackie to get more, free instrument layouts designed for free, but hey, we can all benefit !

A list of the currently supported devices is Here, but new ones are easily written so let’s all try and write specific layouts for our instruments and share :o)

So, grab your copy of the software and do read the manual on this one.

An added bonus is that it it another one of these “no installation necessary” programs that will run right out of the folder with no installation required.

Get it, try it, and revel in it’s glory ! ;o)

  • Posted on August 9, 2006 - 8:58 pm
  • By Failed Muso
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