Olivia Broadfield – Say (Page-R Remix)

Olivia Broadfield – Say (Page-R Remix)

A little while ago, Olivia Broadfield announced a remix competition in conjunction with Propellerhead Software, TUAW and Soundcloud. The challenge was to remix her song “Say” which is featured on her album, “This Beautiful War” and also features as a demo track in Reason 6.

All you had to do was remix the song how you saw fit and so, I did! I say I, I had help from my musical partner in crime, Micky Dodds, so we entered it under our collective name of Page-R.

Olivia Broadfield - Say (Page-R Remix)

When I set out to do this, I had just been listening to Mark Reeder’s remix album and so was getting ideas about how to change the entire feel of a song. One track, Bad Lieutenant’s “Twist of Fate” had been subjected to a rather large tempo reduction and this changed the whole feel of the song incredibly. So I used this as an idea for this remix, but as the original was something like 86 bpm, it was already pretty slow. So I thought, how about speeding things up and for some reason, I got a disco beat in my head. The next thing I know, I’ve got string, drum and bass loops recreating the 70’s New York feel and the vocals seemed to fit so well so I just went with it.

After a week or two dabbling, I reached a point where I got stuck a bit. I had ideas but wasn’t sure if they’d work, so I sent the track to Micky who extended it a bit & threw in a lovely middle 8 instrumental bit. Once I got it back, I fixed some problems, threw in some drum fills and enhanced the bass a bit and committed it to the competition. There are some really great tracks up there which you really ought to check out, but here’s our effort. Hope you enjoy and do let me know what you think 🙂

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