Refurbished Fairlight CMI IIx For Sale in Australia

Refurbished Fairlight CMI IIx For Sale in Australia

Two things are stopping me buying this. One, it’s in Australia. Two, I don’t have the necessary $7,950 AUD (£5,124).

That said, this superb example of a CMI IIx has been fully restored by the legend that is Peter Wielk of Horizontal Productions in Australia. Peter has been working on Fairlights since his days working for the original company back in the 80’s. After it was wound up, Peter bought virtually all the remaining spares and became, quite literally, the world’s go to guy for Fairlight servicing and restoration.

I got an email from Peter the other day and he’s working hard on a new Horizontal Productions website and tells me there are lots of things on the go, aside from restoration & sales! He’s promised to keep me posted, so I will pass on any news as soon as I get it 🙂 Here’s Peter’s studio which he’s currently reorganising. Love the wall decal…

Peter Wielk's Studio

Oh, which reminds me. The Pet Shop Boys Series III that I was going to have a look at has sadly, for me, sold, but the seller has only gone and bought another one, so I’m hoping to get to see that once he’s had that one restored. And, like the last one, I’m sure Peter will be given that task 🙂

This beautiful example comes complete with original monitor, which is quite rare as many of them suffer from blooming in the tube. It also has the full MIDI & SMPTE functionality, making it one of the best CMI IIx’s you could get.

Here’s the blurb and some pics taken from the auction page

Offered for sale is a legendary and rare late model COMPLETE fully functioning Fairlight IIX CMI with SMPTE and MIDI interface.

It comes with a working light pen, a crystal clear monitor, music and alpha-numeric keyboards, all leads, a full set of hard copy manuals (soft copy too, on CD), as well as the complete most recent version of Fairlight sound library on 32 floppy discs. Also included are several system and utility discs, demonstration sequences, and a handful of blank formatted sound discs.

The system has been fully serviced, the floppy drives have been re-furbished, and comes with 3 months warranty, plus ongoing support.

****** The stand in the picture isn’t included – Sorry ******

Please see some of my Fairlight IIX spare parts in the last picture of the sequence.

The general physical condition of the unit is good, especially considering it is almost 30 years old. It has no evidence of any hard knocks, or a hard life!

The monitor screen has been professionally treated, and there is not a hint of the “bloom” that plagues other CMI systems of this age. Hopefully the pictures will convey this.

As background, I worked as product specialist and studio manager at Fairlight in Sydney during most of the 1980s, and subsequently bought most of the factories spare parts when the company sadly went bust. I have been involved in re-building and supporting Fairlight CMIs for over 25 years. I have sold and supported well over 45 of these classic samplers. If you are in any doubt, please type “Peter Wielk Fairlight” into the worlds favourite search engine and see what comes out.

I have tried to describe this system as accurately as possible. However, please feel free to ask any questions, or if you’re passing through Sydney, you would be very welcome to have an extensive demonstration. Lastly, these systems were designed and built with no compromises, reflected by their US$28,000 price tag when new in 1983. The sound is completely awesome. You might buy a sample CD of the Fairlight sounds, it will sound NOTHING like the real thing.

Also, only about 200 systems were built, and they were sold to the most influential musicians and producers in the world. The sounds of the Fairlight CMI formed the soundtrack of the 1980s. So, if you’ve always lusted after one, here’s your chance to own a part of music history!

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