Roland SE-02 In Action!

Roland SE-02 In Action!

After my slightly scathing review of Roland’s JP-08 Boutique module, I thought I might never hear from my acquaintance at Roland HQ ever again, but thankfully, he got in touch to tell me about a demonstration he gave recently of the latest Boutique module, the SE-02.

In the following two videos. Oliver can be seen playing live with it and a raft of other pieces of Roland gear, not only as a performance, but then a proper demonstration of how the track is broken down and how each part is handled by the respective synth.

Fascinating stuff and a great way to experience this decidedly more impressive relative of the Boutique family 😉

All of this took place at a small synth festival in the UK called “The Seventh Wave” where the likes of Richard Barbieri also played, but before his show Oliver played one of his own tracks, “The Feeling Part 1”, using the following Roland gear:

Juno DS

Everything (apart from vocals) is coming from a Roland product live on stage – sequenced and played. This is what is doing what:

SE-02 – Playing Bass line
System-500 – Arpeggio hook
Juno DS – Sequenced main bass line and very quiet strings in the background.

Juno DS – Using Audio Playback function to trigger files as “Samples” live.
Juno DS – Live analog sounding strings.

JDX-A – Pads and analog section poly synth.
System-8 – Sweeping Pad (Lower) (System 8 model)
System-8 – JX3P Hook (Upper) (Juno Model)

If you enjoyed this, make sure you check out Oliver’s band, The Circuit Symphony. Their live shows are legendary and resplendent with lasers! 🙂

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