The Hollow Sun Novachord Sample Library

The Hollow Sun Novachord Sample Library

Hammond Novachord

Typical, isn’t it! The day that Steve decides to announce the Hollow Sun Novachord library, I get a power cut!

Steve told me of this project and swore me to secrecy and silence some months ago. At that point, the Novachord he was sampling was still in America, awaiting shipping to it’s new owner in the UK. I knew of the Novachord as this “ahead of it’s time” synth from the 30′s, waaaaaay before people like Bob Moog came up with his classic and legendary creations. But I’ve never really heard one “in the flesh”, so to speak.

It’s fair to say Steve was giddy with excitement at the prospect, and from a commercial point of view, this would be a first.

Last week, Steve previewed his promo for me and as you will see, it’s a collection of nostalgic slides of 30′s technological peaks such as TV, fast steam trains, etc all leading up to the announcement of the Novachord library. Backing this was some lovely ethereal chords and textures, and I just thought Steve had whipped out one of finest sample libraries, Nebulae, and just laid some stuff down. But no! Turns out these sounds are from the Novachord itself!!! Trust me when I say it is difficult to distinguish these sounds from some of the most advanced synths today!

So, the work is in progress. I briefly spoke to Steve at about 2:00am this morning (long story!) and he informed me he was nearing completion of the first few programs and he was “visibly” excited! As a tester for his work, I am very much looking forward to getting my hands on this stuff and having a play. Here’s a teaser of the first program created….

Sample Program

If Steve allows, I may be able to post more previews as they become available ;)

Anyway, enjoy the previews. There are links to the video and to the MP3 soundtrack too :)


MP3 Soundtrack

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