Thomas Dolby & Friends: Circumnavigating ‘The Flat Earth’

Thomas Dolby & Friends: Circumnavigating ‘The Flat Earth’

Thomas Dolby

Thomas Dolby

Last night, I got as giddy as a schoolgirl when I read this post on the blog of Thomas Dolby, musical & technology pioneer.

Gig Announcement

‘Gig’ announcement!
October 19th, 2009


THOMAS DOLBY AND FRIENDS: Circumnavigating ‘The Flat Earth.’
Union Chapel, Islington, London
Feb 28th, 2010

I won’t copy the entire text as you can nip across to Thomas’ blog and read for yourself, but the long & short of it is that Thomas has managed to get his entire “Flat Earth” band back together from the 83/84 world tour and rather than do a traditional retrospective gig, Thomas has added a brilliant and interesting new twist to it. There will be no rehearsals before the gig. No preparation whatsoever. The guys & gals will just turn up at the same time as the audience and then the show will consist of them practising certain tracks from the era, with full interaction with the audience including chats and Q&A’s.

In Thomas’ own words….

…we’ll meet up onstage, completely unrehearsed. We’ll re-learn songs like ‘Hyperactive’, ‘Windpower’, ‘I Scare Myself’ and ‘One Of Our Submarines’, chatting and telling stories as we go. It’ll be very interactive and the audience can chime in with questions, comments and requests, like a cross between a masterclass and a talk show. And I’ll try to arrange some cameo walk-on appearances from celebrated musicians I’ve worked with over the years. At the end of the evening we’ll play a short set of the songs we’ve practiced, back-to-back.

So, being a big TD fan, you can imagine my excitement, coupled with the fear that I would not be able to get hold of one of the highly prized 750 tickets for this amazing one off show.

But this afternoon, the stakes were raised even higher when it was announced that some of the cameo guests would include members of Prefab Sprout (Paddy McAloon??), Bruce Woolley and possibly even Eddi Reader and the great Trevor Horn!!!

So imagine my utter joy & relief when the tickets went on sale and I bagged one! Phew 😉

Really looking forward to this unique event and getting to see a number of my musical heroes up close and personal and possibly having the chance to chat to them too.

A night of pure musigeekgasm!! 😉

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  • Darren says:

    This should be an amazing show… I missed the 83/84 tour, being too young/too skint to go unaccompanied to gigs back in those days. I’ve loved Thomas’s music since hearing ‘Windpower’ on the radio and rushed out to buy ‘The Golden Age of Wireless’ as soon as I could afford it. That first play had me hooked. And ‘The Flat Earth’ was even better… haunting and beautiful songs… balanced with his typical and masterful lyrical dexterity.

    I’m actually a member of a band called The Pirate Twins… we’re performing the entire ‘Golden Age…’ album the night before Thomas’s gig, at Aldermaston manor. If you a visitor to the Flat Earth Society forum, you may have already seen some posts about it. The website is here:

    Great blog… I’ve enjoyed reading… 🙂



  • Failed Muso says:

    Hi Darren,

    Yes, I have indeed read about your band and am so sorry that I won’t be able to make your gig the night before 🙁

    However, I am looking forward to the 28th with much excitement and also think it will be an incredible night, especially with the musical guests. I wonder if there is any truth in the rumour that one of my other musical heroes, Trevor Horn, is making an appearance?

    Really glad you enjoy the blog too 🙂

    Kind Regards,

    Failed Muso

  • Lindon says:

    Hi Rob just stumbled across your blog and site while searching for DM hi in hi res.
    And I saw the name Thomas Dolby.
    Darren from the Pirate Twins is a good friend btw.
    strange that I haven’t bumped into to you as I also live in Sunny Suffolk.
    if your into DM check out Speak and Spell they are doing a gig in Silver End this weekend

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