UVI CS-M in action

UVI CS-M in action


Here’s a very quick demo I did of the UVI CS-M, available as part of their new Vintage Legends collection, just before I went to bed and just before Santa arrived! ;)

I couldn’t resist recreating one of my favourite pieces with this classic synth line…

Full video reviews will follow in the coming days.

I just wanted to add that, after some comments posted on the YouTube page, I’ve decided to disable commenting on that page, and here is why.

Let me be perfectly clear, for all the anal gear snobs out there who have nothing better to do between scouring YouTube for places to comment and suckling at their mothers teat… This is not, nor was it ever intended to be, a “faithful” recreation of the actual piece or the actual instrument (Yamaha CS-80) played by Vangelis on the Blade Runner soundtrack. Whilst writing a review of this package, I hit upon this sound which was reminiscent, that’s right… reminiscent, similar, after a fashion, etc., etc., of that sound in that piece of music. This isn’t even a preset within that synth that claims to be “that sound”. I just found a patch that I tweaked in about 5 seconds, and thought, “that’s nice”.

I recorded it and threw it up on YouTube. And all that some people can do is say, “Sounds nothing like a CS80″ or “That’s a weak demo”. I really couldn’t care less.

It’s Xmas. Don’t trolls take Xmas off too?

Comments have therefore been disabled. I’m sorry about that, and I apologise to all of you who are NOT ignorant, little gear snobs who have probably never even heard or played a CS-80, or even a CS-70m, in real life.

Thank you for your consideration.

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