Video Sync for Reason

Video Sync for Reason

One thing often levelled at Reason for not being a “proper” DAW is it’s lack of Video Sync capabilities, which means that anyone wishing to write music to film can’t consider using Reason alone. Well, that might all now be about to change with the release of ReSync from the guys at ReTouch Control. These guys have been responsible for bringing us TouchOSC templates to allow Reason users to control Reason & Record from their iPad’s. Now it seems they have made some successful inroads into video sync and it looks incredibly simple, although I’m sure, behind the scenes, it is far from it 😉


Ever wanted to sync video to Reason without needing to Rewire? Now you can!

ReSync allows you to open any QuickTime supported video and syncs its playback to the Reason transport! As long as you use the transport control buttons in Reason to scrub the playback, your music and video will stay in sync.

ReSync opens any supported video in its native resolution size. However, you can resize the video window to any size you want, including full screen. Also, ReSync offers full control over the video’s audio with dedicated “Mute” and “Volume” controls.


As mentioned above, your music and video will stay in sync as long as you use the Reason transport control buttons. The video will not stay in sync if the playhead is moved directly with the mouse. However, pressing once the “rew” or “fwd” buttons after releasing the playhead will re-sync the video. Alternatively, pressing “stop”, moving the playhead and then pressing “play” also works.


Compatible with Mac OSX and Windows 7 & Vista
Requires full installation of the latest version of QuickTime
Midi Yoke or LoopBe30 to create virtual MIDI ports on Windows (not required on Mac). Please note, if you are using Reason in 64bit, MIDI Yoke won’t work and you need LoopBe30.

ReSync retails for $19.99

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