Failed Muso is an ongoing, infinite project which serves as a vent for all things musical in my life. Originally a drummer, I was obsessed with music technology from a very early age, at a time when music technology itself was at an early age. After having numerous bad experiences playing with bands (and dealing with hefty ego’s), I opted for a more technical and withdrawn approach, although I do miss playing live. I now perform a number of tasks that vary between writing music and doing sound design and beta testing for both music hardware and software.

I’d describe my output as personal, cinematic soundtracks to everyday occurrences and experiences. Ever had one of those serendipitous moments, say, on a train, where you see a pretty girl and the song on your MP3 player just fits the moment ? Or you’re travelling through a foreign land and the tune you hear just fits your emotions and your locality ? That’s the kind of music I want to write. The soundtrack to a life.

Check out my blog for more on Failed Muso. The tracks you find here are all works in progress and therefore are in an unpolished state. Any cover versions copyright remains with the original owner/s and are purely an homage to their musical influence on me. I am not receiving any financial recompense for these pieces. If you feel your copyright is being infringed, please contact me and I will remove all offending pieces immediately.

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  • Jack Follman says:


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  • anthony says:

    Hey, thought you might be interested, I just picked up the pet Shop Boys old CMI3, in a bit of a state, but still has the hard drive etc…

  • Failed Muso says:

    VERY interested! 🙂

  • Cool Blog sir. Thank you for offering us your work. I will put this on my Facebook page for my friends to come and read it as well.

  • Niels says:

    I like this very much. Thank you.

  • Niels says:

    I also started as a drummer but i was more into synths and stuff from 1981 when the famous polyphonic synths came out. After 1990 things turned bad with synths, which where in fact romplers. But the old synths still are my best friends.

  • Erixoff says:

    Thanx for your site and great posts. I am a fan of Frankie, Trevor Horn, etc and saw your review of Fairlight and Synclavied software lib reissues .
    I am wondering if you know the rare and incredible Canadian Axcel Technos additive synth ?
    It is quite unique.


  • greg says:

    My EZBus remains in a closet where it has lived for many years. About 8 years ago, it developed what is apparently a thermal-related power supply failures begin to appear, where a giant hum comes on after 20-30 minute’s operation. Assuming it was thermal-related, I went through a couple of cans of Freon, spraying likely components, looking for the culprit. No luck, thus time to retire the little guy.

    Any suggestions? Or, anyone want to buy it, cheap, for spare parts? 🙂

    Thanks for all the info!

  • Israel says:

    Hello, I’m interested in replacing the HD of a fairlight with an SD flash system with the operating system and all the libraries. A greeting.

  • We use these SCSI2SD boards for all of our Series III HD replacements. v5 and v6 both work, but v6 allows you to simultaneously connect a PC/Mac so you can share files to the SD card and load them from there to the Fairlight without disconnecting anything.


    For Series II, we use the Lotharek HXC SD Floppy Emulators…


    Good luck!

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