Peter Vogel & Kim Ryrie: NAMM Oral Histories

Peter Vogel & Kim Ryrie: NAMM Oral Histories

Peter Vogel

A short while back, Peter Vogel told me that he and Kim had been interviewed for the NAMM Oral Histories project and posted a link to a short snippet on their site. Finally, the full interview, which comprises of them being interviewed individually about their early, personal years before they appear on camera together to talk about the Fairlight story, is now available to watch at the NAMM Oral Histories website. Clocking in at an impressive 1 hour and 38 minutes, this is probably the best interview I have ever seen or read and is riddled with funny anecdotes and some really interesting tales of how their paths crossed at school to creating the first digital sampler and the impact their creation had on them and the music industry. They also chronicle the demise, rise and demise again of the business, before they talk about recent ventures, including Peter’s 30th anniversary CMI 30A and the legal battles that followed.

It is, in my humble opinion, about damn time that these guys had their story captured, first hand. Their efforts changed the course of music making forever. They are as important to music, be it electronic or otherwise, as Bob Moog, Dave Smith, Tom Oberheim or Alan R. Pearlman, maybe more so. They didn’t just invent a new way of making sounds, they changed the way that music was made.


Kim Ryrie and Peter Vogel – Full Interview

Kim Ryrie

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