Reason Song Challenge 6 – Re-Tron

Reason Song Challenge 6 – Re-Tron

Blimey! It’s been a while since we did one of these, eh??

Ok, so let’s do this. Now we are in the world of Rack Extensions, it makes absolute sense to base this challenge on one of them, especially as the Try & Buy option means everyone can participate. And given my association with GForce, it makes absolute sense to start off with them! So, this challenge is pretty simple and straight forward really. Your entry must consist of at least one instance of Re-Tron. Now that may sound fairly simple, but what we are looking for is a showpiece. If you decide to use Re-Tron to play one note, hidden down in the mix, you will pass the entry criteria but you won’t be impressing our judges, who are Dave Spiers & Chris Macleod aka GForce Software.

These guys are going to be looking for not only a superb piece of original composition but a piece that shows off the Re-Tron to it’s best. Imagine it’s the world premiere of Re-Tron, a thousand industry exec’s are sat down, waiting to hear what this new instrument can do, and it’s your piece that has to blow their socks off!

How you use the Re-Tron is entirely up to you. You can throw it into Combinators, create new patches using the banks provided, whatever takes your fancy BUT it MUST be unmistakably Re-Tron at it’s heart.

It can be any style of music too. Don’t get caught in a retro rut just because the sounds have that retro feel. Think big, be progressive. Or just be Prog! You get the picture.

And what’s in it for you?


Well, the winner will get any GForce instrument of their choice (downloads only) PLUS a copy of the next Rack Extension device that GForce release! Pretty neat, huh?

As ever, there are some rules, so let’s get them out of the way now.


To participate in the challenge, you will first need to download and install the Re-Tron Rack Extension, be it the Try or Buy version, which are identical. There are no other limits and you can use any other device and audio if you wish. Vocals are, as always, encouraged but by no means a necessity. Remember, you must use at least one instance of Re-Tron and the judges are going to be looking for a showcase Re-Tron track as well as looking at song composition and production. As before, should we need to verify that your entry meets the criteria, we reserve the right to request the song file for verification otherwise we will be reluctantly forced to disqualify your track.

  • Judge’s decision is final
  • Only 1 winner and one prize. No cash alternative
  • All entries must be submitted by 4pm BST (GMT+1 UK) Sunday 5th August 2012
  • At least one instance of Re-Tron must be used
  • All entries must be uploaded to SoundCloud
  • After the closing date, you are not allowed to change, alter or resubmit your entry. Any resubmissions or alterations will result in disqualification
  • All entrants, when requested, must be prepared to provide evidence that the rules have been adhered to
  • All entries, once completed, must be uploaded to SoundCloud and submitted to the Challenge group…

    There will be no submissions thread on the forum so please ensure you upload to SoundCloud and then add your tracks to the group page, ensuring you use your forum name so that we can easily identify you.

    Entries will be judged by Dave Spiers & Chris Macleod, owners of GForce Software and there will be one winner who will receive a copy of a GForce Instrument of their choice, worth up to £139.99 (downloads only) plus a copy of the next GForce Rack Extension device, whatever it may be. Other prizes may be added at a later date but are not guaranteed.

    The very best of luck to you all!


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