These sounds are made available to you, free of charge and free for you to use in your compositions…

Alesis Fusion

The MovinPro sound bank for the Alesis Fusion was originally created by Joeri Peeters and has been made available to all Fusion users free of charge by Joeri himself…

Hello! The creator of the Vstream banks here 🙂 

It seems there has been a search for the MoVin Pro Sound set. I decided you can have this sound set for free so everyone can enjoy the sounds. 

I am not the best keyboard player and most recordings are just improvisations at that time. I would also like to remember Steve Howell, who was important in creating this sound set and for his positive enthusiasm.

What most people don’t know is I had to stop looping & programming sounds many years ago because I have a light form of tinnitus. I still own some synthesizers I really love, like the Roland JD800, JD990 & VSynthXT, Fantom X7, Alesis S4+ & Korg EX8000. However I do not own an Alesis Fusion anymore. (I miss it though). Sometimes I play the instruments (mostly the JD800) but at a very low level (and I want it to be loud so you can feel it). 

I picked up photography 3 1/2 years ago that has become a real passion. You can see my work here:

Have fun with the sounds! If you like them maybe you can donate some money for animal care even if it is 1 Euro. Very much appreciated.


Joeri Peeters, August 24th, 2018
Audio Demo of the MoVinPro bank for Alesis Fusion

Click the link here to download… (1.6GB)

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