Korg M1 Piano Samples

Korg M1 Piano Samples

Remember that classic piano sound from 90’s house records? The ubiquitous Korg M1 Piano patch was the 90’s equivalent of the DX7’s EP patch or the Fairlight’s Orch5 stab.

A long time ago, a cohort on the KvR forum, a guy from Norwich by the name of Kriminal, sampled his M1 keyboard and made the piano patch available as a soundfont, I believe. Being an avid Akai user, I asked him if I could convert to the Akai S5/6000 and Z Series formats, to which he agreed. Those are still available here:

S5/6000 (16 bit)
Z Series (24 bit)

Today, Nick at SonicState.com put out a call for the M1 piano sound and he has converted them to EXS24 format and shared them accordingly:


So I thought I’d share the love too 😉

Thanks to Kriminal, Nick and of course Korg 🙂

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